Jogjakarta Tourist Information

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You can watching Ramayana Ballet Performance in Prambanan TempleRead More!
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The Javanese Kingdom Palace in JogjakartaRead More!
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The One World Heritage Great Budhis Temple in Jogjakarta Read More!

Private Tour

Deko Boko Tour Package 1 (8 -10 hrs)

  • To Borobudur Buddhist Temple about 1 hour from hotel. (Borobudur Temple Sight seeing about 2 hrs) Take a horse carriage from nearby Mendut Temple to Borobudur. Cold drinks serviced along the way
  • Mendut Temple (30 minutes)
  • Back to Yogjakarta (1 hour)
  • Lunch 1 hour: Indonesian Food Buffet Restaurant Javanese Style
  • Pasar (traditional market) visit (1 hour) Let's visit an Indonesian pasar, try the art of bargaining and buy some delicious tropical fruits and fresh vegetables, and have them in your hotel room!
  • Batik village (1.5 hrs). Have a close look at the batik making process! (village of Imogiri or Patang Puluhan)
  • Prambanan Hindu Temple (2 hrs)
  • Back to Hotel

Additional info:

  • Bring along your student identification card / KIMS for students / long stay permit to get special discount)
  • Departure time is adjustable to your convenience
  • Deko Boko Tour Package 2 (8 -11 hrs)
    Package tour suitable for transit or one day visitors from Bali, Jakarta and so on. We pick you up at the airport / train station in Yogjakarta upon arrival, then start tour directly. We then send you back to the airport / train station in time for departure. Items of tour are subject to change accordingly with your available time.

    [Schedule] Pick up at the airport or the train station in Yogjakarta.

  • To Borobudur Buddhist Temple about 1 hour from hotel. (Borobudur Temple Sight seeing about 2 hrs)
    Enjoy serene morning view of the ancient temple.
  • Mendut Temple (30 minutes).
  • Kraton (Palace of Yogjakarta) (2 hrs).
  • Taman Sari Water Palace (30 minutes).
  • Lunch (1 hour): Buffet Restaurant / Restaurant "Es Eny"
  • Optional visit (1.5 hours): Batik / Silver Work Factory
  • Prambanan Hindu Temple (2 hours)
    Includes round trip by mini car for 15 minutes to visit:
    Bubrah Temple
    Lumbung Temple
    Sewu Temple
  • Back to airport / hotel (30 minutes)
  • Tour Fee same as Deko Boko 01
    Fees include: car with driver, fuel, tour guide, parking fees, drink service, lunch (except drinks).

  • Additional Fees:
    - Admission fee to Borobudur: USD 25 /Pax
    - Admission fee to Prambanan: USD 25 /Pax
    (Bring along your student identification card / KIMS for students / long stay permit to get special discount)
    Departure time is adjustable to your convenience.

  • Sharing Tour

    01 : Sunrise at Hills - Borobudur (6 Hours)
    02 : Original Borobudur Sunrise at Manohara (6 Hours)
      Leave : 04.00 AM
      Price :
      - IDR 140K / Pax (With Special Breakfast at Borobudur)
      - IDR 110K / Pax (Without Breakfast)
      Info : Not Include Entrance Fee - Only Transport

    03 : Sunrise at Hills - Borobudur - Prambanan Temple (9 Hours)
    04 : Original Sunrise Borobudur at Manohara - Prambanan Temple (9 Hours)
      Leave : 04.00 AM
      Price :
      - IDR 170K / Pax (With Special Breakfast at Borobudur)
      - IDR 140K / Pax (Without Breakfast)
      Info : Not Include Entrance - Only Transport

    05 : Borobudur Morning Tour (5 Hours)
      Leave : 05.00 AM
      Price :
      - IDR 120K / Pax (With Special Breakfast at Borobudur)
      - IDR 90K / Pax (Without Breakfast)
      Info : Not Include Entrance - Only Transport

    06 : Borobudur Morning Tour and Prambanan Temple (8 Hours)
      Leave : 05.00 AM
      Price :
      - IDR 150K / Pax (With Special Lunch at Borobudur)
      - IDR 120K / Pax (Without Lunch)
      Info : Not Include Entrance - Only Transport

    07 : Borobudur Morning Tour, Mendut and Prambanan Temple (8 Hours)
      Leave : 8.00 AM
      Price :
      - IDR 180K / Pax (With Special Breakfast at Borobudur)
      - IDR 150K / Pax (Without Breakfast)
      Info : Not Include Entrance - Only Transport.

    Daily Tours

  • Leave: 07.00 AM

  • Batik Course

    Jogjakarta special Batiks Village Tour. If You want looking for Batiks:

  • Batik Handmade by Natural Colors
  • Batik Combinations (handmade mix with stamp)
  • Batik Stamp

  • In Jogjakarta also we can provide tour to Batik Village, example:

  • Batik Imogiri Village - Jogjakarta
  • Batik Bantul - Jogjakarta
  • Batik Solo
  • Batik Cirebon
  • Batik Pekalongan

  • From Jogjakarta go to the beach
    If you like to see the beach, Jogjakarta also have a great beach, located in the south of Jogjakarta. Parangtritis and Depok beach are only about 40 minutes from Jogjakarta city.
    Another beaches are Krakal, Ngandong, Kukup and Baron Beach, about 2 hours from Jogjakarta city.

  • Krakal Beach:
    Usually tourists that visit the beach Krakal, they would be interested to see the scenery and also they will swim and sunbathe by the beautiful white sand.
  • Kukup Beach:
    Located on the east side, approximately 3-4 miles, this beach has its own point. Coast there are many ornamental fish. The beach are also very beautiful beach, and also can enjoy the sunset. And you can eat fish soup if you like.
  • Baron Beach:
    Initially Baron Beach is the beach of the fishermen, but now who is famous for its fish market where visitors can simply select and buy the fish, lobster, crab which can be cooked directly in the surrounding stalls.

  • Tour to the Beachs (10 - 12 Hours)
    • Destination:
      1. Baron Beach
      2. Kukup Beach
      3. Sundak Beach
      4. Krakal Beach
      Also possible to stay one night but a price is more up
      Use need discussion for this trip.

  • Leave: 07.00 AM

  • Tour to Merapi Volcano (8 -9 Hours)
    • Destination:
      1. Merapi Mountain (Kaliadem Lava Tour)
      2. Merapi Museum (Archeology)
      3. Ullen Sentallu Museum (Jogjakarta and Solo culture)
      4. Lunch
      5. Local Coffe Plantation
      6. Jamu Processing (Jamu Shop - Javanese herbal drink)

  • Leave: 08.00 AM

  • Cerme Cave in Imogiri
    To the south Imogiri approximately 5 km there is a cave, in which there is an underground river. The visitors are mostly local tourists, there is also a foreign tourist. If we want to get into the Cave Cerme, we first prepare a helmet, flashlight, sport shoes, and the better we also hired a local guide. Cave Cerme depth reaches 1,200 m. There are quite a lot of stalactites

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    • Borobudur Temple

      This monument is a model of the universe and built as a shrine to honor the Buddha also functions as a place of pilgrimage to guide mankind to switch from natural lust to enlightenment and wisdom according to the teachings of Buddha.

      The pilgrims enter through the east side starting at the base of the temple ritual walk around holy building is in a clockwise direction, while continuing to go up to the next steps in the sphere through three levels of Buddhist cosmology. The third level is Kamadhatu (the realm of the passions), Rupadhatu (sphere shape), and Arupadhatu (the realm of intangibles). In this way of pilgrims walking through the hallway and staircase with a series of witnessed no less than 1460 beautifully carved relief panels on the wall and balustrade..

    • Prambanan Temple

      Prambanan Temple or Temple of Rara Jonggrang is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia was built in the 9th century BC. The temple is dedicated to Trimurti, the three major Hindu gods Brahma as the creator god, the god Vishnu as the maintainer, and Shiva the god of destruction.

      Based on the inscriptions Siwagrha the original name of this temple complex is Siwagrha (Sanskrit word which means: 'The house of Shiva'), and indeed in garbagriha (main hall) of this temple dwell Mahadeva Shiva statue as high as three meters which showed that the god Shiva in this temple are preferred.

    • Sultan Palace

      Ngayogyakarta palace is a palace or Kraton Yogyakarta Sultanate Ngayogyakarta official who is now located in the city of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Although the empire has officially become part of the Republic of Indonesia in 1950, this palace complex of buildings still serve as shelter and household sultan palace imperial tradition still runs today. This palace is now also one of the attractions in the city of Yogyakarta.

      Most of the palace complex is a museum that's a good collection of the empire, including a variety of gifts from the kings of Europe, heirloom replica of the palace, and gamelan. In terms of the building, this palace is one example of Javanese palace architecture at its best, has a luxurious hall and the hall-field and pavilion area.

    Jogjakarta Culture

    • Javanese Dance and Gamelan
      Jogjakarta is a city of culture. Until now there are still many places to learn to dance the dance of Java (Javanese Traditional Dance). And is there anyway to play Javanese gamelan instruments.
    • Need More Info
      If you want to learn Javanese dance, or even learn Javanese gamelan music, you can find in Jogjakarta. Or, Contact Us for more detail information.

    Panahan Mataram

    • Every Tuesday (Selasa Wage day), Sultan Palace routinely carry out Jemparingan (archery) Jawi Mataram. The committee usually hold this event at the Field Complex Kemandungan Kraton or rather in the North Sasana Hinggil Square South.
    • Jemparingan Jawi Mataram or archery contest has a goal to "palace remains mangayubagya" or commemorate the birthday of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

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